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Learn how to identify the quality of quartz stone

Learn how to identify the quality of quartz stone

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Quartz has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness and easy bleeding etc. by consumers, many families will do the coffee table, its application and home decoration in the cabinet table, dining table, sink etc.. Quartz stone itself is non-toxic harmless environmental protection materials, but now there are many businesses in order to earn higher profits, and the production of inferior quartz stone, endangering people's health. This article from the inferior quartz stone hazard and identification methods to dispel doubts, and I hope to help you.
First, what are the hazards of inferior quartz stone?
1., not wear-resistant, easy to powder, causing respiratory diseases
Some unscrupulous businessmen in the processing of quartz stone used in containing excess air bubbles, the anti penetration force is weak, insufficient hardness inferior plate production, the production of quartz stone is easy to break, do not wear, easy to fall powder, consumers in the long-term use, may be due to excessive inhalation of powder caused by respiratory diseases.
2. residual formaldehyde can cause cancer for a long time
Some unscrupulous businesses in order to reduce the cost of adding formaldehyde glue solvent, processing will remain over the table the formaldehyde, formaldehyde flavor 3-5 years of uninterrupted evaporation strong, indoor air circulation and high temperature, accelerate such toxic substances volatile, long-term exposure, is likely to cause cancer.
3. organic solvents and heavy metals endanger the digestive system
Some unscrupulous merchants in the production process using lead or cadmium and other heavy metals poor quality inorganic pigments, directly into the organic solvent. These poor quality quartz stone board after entering the family, through heavy metals and other harmful substances, food as the carrier, directly into the digestive system, endangering human health.
The chemical composition of quartz stone is silica (SiO2), and can be divided into four types: piezoelectric quartz, optical quartz, fused quartz and polished quartz according to their uses. There is no radioactive element in SiO2, and there is no radiation hazard. Radiation is not necessarily produced by radioactive elements, but it must have electrons to migrate from high-energy trajectories to low-energy trajectories, so quartz is not radioactive.
Quartz stone has a smooth surface and no scratches and remains. The dense and nonporous material structure makes the bacteria nowhere to hide and can be in direct contact with food. It is safe and non-toxic!
Two, how to identify quartz stone?
Is the best choice for quartz stone countertops cabinets in the home decoration, the inferior quartz stone on the market a lot of consumers, quartz stone is not very understanding, in the purchase of a quartz stone table, how to identify the quality of quartz stone? Tuba rabbit small series for the majority of consumers to buy several quartz stone plate tips.
1. look, the visual sample color is pure, not cloudy, the surface has no similar plastic colloid feeling, the plate has no small pores.
2. touch, touch the surface of the sample silk feeling, no astringent feeling, no obvious sense of injustice.
3. strokes, with nail scratch board surface, no obvious scratches.
4. check, check whether the product ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report, whether or not product warranty card and related security signs.
5. smell, nose smell no pungent chemical smell.