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How to choose quartz sink?
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How to choose quartz sink?

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Before the introduction of quartz stone sink manufacturers we always take the anti pollution capacity of kitchen faucet quartz stone sink size, focus on the purchase, 09 years of kitchen and bathroom exhibition to focus on visual effect and humanized design, a modified quartz stone sink faucet face and a single wash for color, texture, light other aspects have good performance.
1, color: Black tachco launched a black kitchen faucet quartz stone sink, made of artificial marble, special emphasis is black with a leading.
2, texture: cortex retro fashion snakeskin texture is not only suitable for the toilet basin, through special processing can also be used for kitchen sink quartz stone.
3. Design: integrated hot and cold water, water purification pipeline, knife rack, garbage can, tableware rack, hardware...... A sink serves most of the kitchen
4, design: humanized Konna integral molding trough faucet, retractable faucet, the use of more extensive, two control water outlet switch, a variety of water way choice
5, design: 360 degree rotation Keenna sink faucet can be rotated 360 degrees, the operation is more casual.
6: Science and technology: polishing Germany three high finishing process, cocktail like light perception
7, save: cold hot water, clean water, hot water and clean water share a faucet, one after another, without affecting each other, save a faucet, save some kitchen space