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Do you know anything about the quartz stone trough?
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Do you know anything about the quartz stone trough?

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Acrylic quartz trough; in the high-end position of the sink, high-end consumer favorite, become the pursuit of quality, fashion, personality, kitchen decoration will match the jiapin. With a variety of quartz stone or pure acrylic fabric, more noble, charming and harmonious.
Quartz granite trough: made of quartz sand and acrylic resin (contact lens material) by high temperature process system. Special surface, feel comfortable, warm and natural harmony. Design gives visual impact and lasting effect. Firm and fine in texture. Anti scratch, anti oil, abrasion resistance, more bacteria breeding.
1, sound absorption: better mute effect, create quiet space,
2, anti impact: higher impact strength, reflecting the advantages of product resistance.
3, oil resistance: excellent oil pollution resistance, easy to clean, use cold water and kitchen lotion can be convenient, quick cleaning.
4, wear resistance: excellent wear resistance, even in the kitchen commonly used tools, it is difficult to wear the sink surface, fully reflects the wear characteristics of the product. (use the knife and fork to scrape back on the quartz granite trough to see if there is any trace.)
5, acid, alkali: even if the color is bright, delicate texture of food, such as red wine, vinegar and so on, pour in the water tank surface, 24 hours later, there is a dishcloth gently wipe, that is clean and smooth as new, without any traces.
6, antibacterial: natural antibacterial function, compact structure, to prevent bacterial growth; advocate quartz tank characteristics.
7, rich colors: a variety of international popular color choice, to the greatest extent to meet the design requirements of the kitchen color. At present, the domestic kitchen colors are simple, generous, tasteful and elegant colors.
8, easy to take care of: more hygienic, easy to clean, do not touch oil, clean with water and ordinary detergent can be effectively cleaned; combined with the modern inert features in the kitchen. Stainless steel sink traditional washing process would have to be careful to avoid scratching the surface of the water tank, easy to produce watermark, and use long prone spots, not easy to clean. The granite and granite sinks are usually taken care of as long as the sponge is clean with water, and no watermarks will be produced. For stubborn dirt, they can be wiped with clean balls without worrying about scratches on the surface of the sink.
9, compressive capacity: can withstand a certain compressive capacity, the basin behind the face relaxed, can withstand 75 kg *4 people's weight, can reach 300 kg.
10, exquisite colors, gorgeous, but not publicity, noble and not lose affinity, functional, comfortable, perfect combination of innovative design, but also to show the user's taste and extraordinary style of life.