Quartz sinks are superior to conventional sinks
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Quartz sinks are superior to conventional sinks

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One of the benefits of quartz sinks is that they don't scratch
Friction type high hardness (6.5 degrees), high abrasion resistance, anti scratch, with the shovel, wallpaper knife, steel balls and other iron can tell its scuffing and wear, which is currently on the market of any kind of quartz stone sink material has incomparable advantages.
The benefits of a quartz sink are 2 burns
High temperature resistant and non explosive: because the product is calcined in a high temperature furnace, and then pressed by vacuum and high pressure, so it is extremely resistant to high temperature. Hot cinder is not short of hot pot or pan off the surface melting, discoloration or burst, hot water or oil damage will not be spilled from the pot.
The benefits of quartz sinks are 3 colorless
Uniform color of the surface, no fading, no discoloration: the entire automatic control equipment, making the product color standards unified rate is extremely high. In the process of long-term indoor daily life, it will not fade and luster because of oxidation, corrosion, heat contact and other reasons.
The benefits of quartz sinks are 4 invisible
Unlike resin, acrylics, or artificial stones, they do not come into contact with slightly hotter objects (such as hot water, hot oil, hot vessels, etc.) or because of natural temperature differences.
Quartz stone tank benefits 5, cost-effective
Durability is extremely strong, an investment for permanent use, with the wonderful once and for all: the product has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties of the long service life, users don't have to worry about scratching, repeated repair or replacement of the trouble and inconvenience, high added value after purchase: Although on the surface of high price. The added value of material value, but its processing value, service value, environmental health, convenience and aesthetics are high.
The benefits of quartz sinks are 6 lasting, beautiful and lasting
Easy cleaning, maintenance, care, cleaning with general detergent and water can be simple, clean after the gloss is not reduced, bright as new.
The benefits of a quartz sink 7 natural feeling
The real stone texture, instead of plastic resin sense: people tend to love the natural stone texture, but due to the high water absorption, easy pollution, radioactive, acid and alkali resistant, easy to wear, easy to scratch the surface and fracture and other obvious defects and had to reluctantly must sell, but that of plastic resin acryl artificial the stone has not satisfied, can take advantage of Wiener stone quartz stone natural stone and artificial stone two of acrylic resin. From the point of view of style, the difference between best quartz and artificial stone is the difference between flowers and plastic flowers! Color and appearance with beautiful natural texture beauty of style, many varieties containing four kinds of colors, so the surface color is rich and vivid, beautiful luster.
The benefits of quartz sinks are 8 anti fouling
Anti pollution is extremely strong, not into the stains: general kitchen oil, sauce, vinegar, wine, tea, coffee, fruit juice, such as acid and alkali substances are impermeable, anti contamination of the product is ordinary acrylic artificial stone incomparable.
The benefits of quartz sinks are 9 antibacterial principles
The surface material of the surface layer and the internal structure of the material in the same dense and uniform pores and cracks, and a built-in high quality antibacterial elements, so to prevent bacteria growth, safe and clean, good food hygiene and human health. Material inside and outside density is high and uniform + antibiotic - antibacterial
The benefits of quartz sinks are 10, environmental, sanitary and non radioactive
Quartz stone, and food and direct contact with the human body will not have a negative effect, environmental protection, hygiene, non radiation.
The benefits of quartz sinks are 11 corrosion resistance
In the daily life process, the product is acid and alkaline, superior to the existing similar mesa materials (marble and man-made stone).